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Keeping an eye on the importance of digital media. Causerie is here with its unique essence of literature in the form of e-magazine. To show the impact of inner cultivation of thoughts with respect to the occurrences of lifetime phenomena accordingly and wisely.

A great determination to realize the purpose of actuality and a struggle to be humble by the term of humanity. A need to highlight our goals and dreams to make sure our senses that where we play hide and seek with the sparkles of both pangs and joy. All we have to prefer our mind to let our existence towards great stability to be satisfied besides the flow of happening incidences. 

As I say 


"A comprehensive and fundamental study of life and all its aspects with the help of elite nomenclature is called Literature" 

I believe serving humanity and literature is the best obligation being a human in this ephemeral world where nothing is going to last forever. And working as a team, in a collaboration; bears marvelous fruits nobody could ever imagine. Because this world is a place of causes and effects. We reap what we sow.  This is the reason I come to this thought of bringing a unique and idiosyncratic magazine focusing majorly on poesy as we see there are quite less poetry magazines in the market. It is solemnly a literary e-magazine, that will cover all the social matters, just in a literary way.  



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