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Imranic Ballad

Imran Qurashi

Apr 28, 2024

Aah! I lost my smile again

During night time, In a grand, opulent hall adorned with sparkling chandeliers, lavish decorations, and vibrant colors, a majestic party was underway which made the night air so electric. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the joyous chatter of guests, the clinking of glasses, and the rhythmic beats of music. Amidst this whirlwind of revelry, a dark-skinned boy wandered, his exhaustion evident in his tired eyes and slumped posture. He had worked tirelessly to decorate the hall, but now, he was too drained to enjoy the festivities. His posture postures were crying that he does not want to enjoy the party.

He walked towards the gate where people were entering, it was the same gate for exit, but Just as he was about to leave, a vision of loveliness entered the hall. It was a girl of about 20 years in age who had a heart-shaped face with appointed chin with a subtle regularity to her features. Her eyes are green, expressive almond shaped, and fringed with thick lashes. Her nose straight and proportional to her other facial features. She has a small mouth with full lips that curved into radiant smile, showcasing her gleaming whitening teeth. Her skin is smooth and clean with a subtle glow. Her hair was styled in loose wave or sleek, straight look, framing her eyes and accentuating her striking features, entered the hall, and on the gate, the boy met her.

After seeing her, he lost all the worries, he lost the why of living the hall, he felt himself lost in her eyes, and when she smiled, he could not control himself going back to the hall. After the girl got passed by him, his heart skipped a beat and kicked him into the hall signaling him that he found a sense, a reason to stay in the hall and enjoy the party. He went back to his old place where he was standing, but he did not like the place as it was not the place he could see the girl clearly from.

After a three-hour struggle, he finally reached a spot where he could see and hear her. But time was running out - the party was in its final hour, and everything was slowly losing its vibrancy. The boy was desperate to stop time, to savor this moment forever.

As he gazed helplessly at the girl, a melodious laugh echoed through the hall, and he felt a symphony of joy wash over him. It was her laughter, music to his ears, a sweet serenade that filled his soul with happiness.

Aah! That was not a mere sound to him… He breathed heavily, looked at the girl, catching her still laughing, he felt a symphony went across his body. It was warm, fuzzy feelings that spread throughout his body, making his heart skip a beat. It pierced through his body as the rays of sunshine pierced through the clouds, brightening his day and lifting his spirits. The sound of her laughter was music to his ears, a sweet serenade that filled his soul with happiness and contentment. It was reminder of joy and love, a moment to cherish and to close his heart. But, alas, it was a fleeting moment, and soon, everything turned pale again.

But alas, the moment was fleeting, as brief as the life of a butterfly, as ephemeral as the space between inhaling and exhaling breaths, as a shooting star streaking across the night sky, as fleeting as a whispered promise carried away by the wind. As the boy emerged from the euphoria of hearing her laughter, reality came crashing back in, casting a pall over his surroundings. Once again, he was enveloped in the suffocating embrace of loneliness, the same emptiness that had plagued him before encountering the girl.

With a heavy sigh, he smiled ruefully, a solitary tear tracing a path down his cheek. "How cruel life can be," he murmured, his voice tinged with resignation. "I've even lost sight of who I am. Loving someone endlessly, only to have them vanish before your eyes - it's a pain beyond measure. Perhaps it's our nature to endure such hurt and learn to let go.

Days passed, and the boy longed to see her again, attending every party, decorating every hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. But she vanished, leaving him heartbroken. Then, one fateful night, as he slumbered peacefully, she appeared in his dreams, her voice a soft whisper in his ear. "Heyyyy... I'm here, always with you," she murmured tenderly. "Just look around, feel my presence. I know you love me, and I'll never leave you. I promise, I'll never leave you." With those comforting words, a glimmer of hope reignited within him, dispelling the shadows of doubt that had plagued his heart.

Suddenly, he awoke, his heart pounding with anticipation. With a sense of urgency, he scanned his surroundings, rubbing the sleep from his eyes before throwing off his blanket and rising from his bed. Making his way to the kitchen, he filled a glass with water, then settled into a chair. As he took a sip, he gazed up at the sky, a smile gracing his lips as he embraced the lingering warmth of her presence in his dreams. "As long as you're in my thoughts, no one can take you away from me," he whispered softly, his words a testament to the depth of his devotion.

From then on, she visited him in his dreams, and he continued to meet her in his subconscious. The party and the hall may have faded, but the memory of that magical night and the girl's enchanting laughter remained etched in his heart forever.

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