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Lost Horizon

Imran Qurashi

Mar 20, 2024

Unmasking the System that Stifles Children's Critical Thinking:

In the realm of Pakistan's education, a bitter truth casts its shadow - we are taught to pursue grades, forsaking the enchantment of genuine learning. Our parents, too, measure our worth in marks, overlooking the profound value of acquiring knowledge. From the tender age of school admission, we are thrust into a relentless race for higher scores, while the art of learning itself remains forgotten, hidden beneath the clamor for achievement. Our education system, once a beacon of enlightenment, now stands crippled, devoid of the spirit of true exploration, overshadowed by an obsession with grades and exam results.

The spirit of curiosity, once vibrant in our childhood, gradually fades, replaced by the hollow pursuit of exam rankings and societal approval. The very essence of learning becomes entrapped within the pages of textbooks, limiting our minds to the confines of conventional wisdom.

This crippling education system molds our children into mere parrots, memorizing and regurgitating textbook material without questioning the underlying logic or engaging in meaningful debates. As they grow older, the inquisitive minds that once questioned the universe fade away, replaced by silent acceptance of rote learning.

The grading system adds fuel to this fire of conformity, pushing children into a state of exam tension and rank pressure. Instead of encouraging critical thinking and the pursuit of knowledge, our education system transforms them into "silent patients," bearing the weight of societal expectations and their own internal doubts.

Teachers, too, bear the brunt of this flawed system. Many educators are products of the same crippled education system, ill-equipped to inspire their students beyond the confines of textbooks. They are taught to deliver lectures that cater to the average student's understanding, leaving behind those who may have the potential to excel further.

Here, the teachers teach the same textbook materials, repeating the sentences in book with little explanation and adding no additional material beyond the textbooks. At the time the teacher asked the favourite student to read aloud a paragraph from the textbooks and "KAHANI KHATAM". The teacher goes through the materials in the textbooks two or three times over the course of academic year and "KAHANI KHATAM". This is what our learning system is about. They teach us how to "TALK THE TALK" rather than how to "WALK THE WALK".

In the earliest stages of education, children naturally question the world around them, eager to uncover the wonders of life. However, as they progress through the education system, this curiosity diminishes. The transition from childhood to adolescence robs them of their once-boundless thirst for knowledge, leaving them merely passive recipients of information. Just to Race!

We should learn from Singapore, Singapore's commendable move to abolish the ranking system highlights the importance of promoting individual progress and discouraging harmful comparisons. They rather than ill-formed ranking system focus on individuals potentiality to learn.

To break the chains of this crippled system, we must go for Singapore's move of "Abolishing the Ranking System". We must empower our children to ask questions fearlessly, to explore the unknown, and to embrace failure as a stepping stone to growth. We should applaud their creativity and individuality, and not force them into the molds of societal expectations.

A Change is long overdue. Let us break the chains of this race, free our children from the shackles of this race for superficial recognition and instead embrace the joy of genuine learning. By abolishing rankings and celebrating individual progress, we can nurture the flame of curiosity in each soul, allowing them to soar beyond the limits set by this crippled system.

As a nation, let us rally behind our children, honoring their unique talents and passions. Let us create an education system that sparks their imagination, ignites their spirits, and fosters a love for learning that transcends all boundaries. In doing so, we will unleash the full potential of our nation, leading us towards a future of enlightenment and limitless possibilities.

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